Branding and Positioning


We are  corporate story tellers who can reduce complex technology messaging down to brilliant emotional and visual campaign brand stories that drive pipeline, revenue, retention and customer loyalty from new and existing customers, partners and internal constituents.  We also do unbiased competitive branding assessments.  We recently created Hydr8inc, a white label consumer smart water bottle platform in collaboration with a very well known Sports & Fitness hydration brand.  The company was able to secure $6M in revenue and 500,000 unit commitment from a major consumer brand before the product was developed based purely on branding, positioning and story.



A picture is worth a thousand words. We help companies create emotional visual and video branding elements that inspire customer loyalty.  Our creative team has decades of experience going back to SGI's contribution to the movie Jurassic Park where dinosaurs came to life.  We recently helped launch FINDO, a new consumer AI Search company define their brand so they could spin out of enterprise parent ABBYY.  From creating the brand and content strategy, naming the company, to creating the corporate logo to developing collateral and landing pages.... we can do it all for early stage ventures and growth companies.

Mesaging Frameworks


A messaging framework is the lingua franca of a company that gets permeated throughout the culture.  The framework is the common way we speak about ourselves. Often executives when they speak to customers, industry analysts, financial investors and even internal employees have there unique version to the corporate story.  Over time these slightly different versions of the story start to evolve and the story becomes fractured and meaningless outside of the company due to the lack of consistency.  For the story to get absorbed into the consciousness of the audience whether they are internal employees or key outsiders such as press and industry analysts it has to be written down, consensus driven and told with vibrance and discipline.

Pipeline Specific Content Development


Your content strategy should be closely tailored to your buyer personas and what stage they are in the Buyer's Journey.  We help create a pipeline specific content strategy that delivers world class content from white papers, e-books, videos, customer viewable decks, competitive analysis, webinars, data sheets that helps maximize Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that yield to high conversion sales leads. We recently worked with ABBYY on a campaign called "Digital Transformation in Transportation" that resulted in $3M of new business within 180 days of campaign launch.