Analyst Relations, Public Relations and Agency Reviews

As part of our messaging framework, once we have the strategy locked and content created to reflect our unique story we need a channel to get the story out to industry influencers such as the well respected analysts from Gartner and Forrester or other key industry publications.  We have done agency reviews for a number of clients to assess if they are getting the most out of their PR and AR investment.

Digital Marketing

There is no more cost effective way to get your messages to your targeted audiences if done correctly. The old adage "What gets measured gets met" is true.  Our digital marketing team is obsessed with analytics from modern marketing tools like Hubspot and Marketo.  A/B campaigns. Tweak content. Measure..... until you get it right.  The goal Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) that consistently convert.

Launch Planning

The way that products are launched into the market place has changed considerably.  We help companies think through cost effective ways to maximize exposure and momentum to achieve sales velocity.

Sales and Partner Enablement

To maximize amplification, you'll need a network effect of having your internal sales team, distribution partner sales teams and key external influencers be able to present your product's value proposition as good as the internal champion.  From the very beginning, before the content is created we work with sales and partners to determine what types of content is needed and made accessible through organized sales enablement portals.

Professional Speaking Events

A strong first impression can lead to immediate revenue. We help key executives prepare for critical customer facing events often at industry conferences or preparing for financing discussions with potential investors. We also speak at industry events and conferences on behalf of our clients.

Fund Raising

Whether it is S-1 preparation for the IPO road show to institutional investors or it is the VC deck for your Series A financing, we have 20 years of experience helping companies through critical financings.  As interim CEO at Evernote, we raised their Series A financing with stellar valuation during a difficult funding environment.  At Mpath, we helped with the IPO road show that lead to a successful $2B IPO. At Hydr8inc we had key customers finance development and inventory to minimize dilution.