Market Validation

"Build it and they will come" doesn't always work in business. Engaging customers and potential channel partners is one the most leveraged activities a product development organization can do prior to launch.  At a minimum, the market validation process will solidify what you may already know.  However, often the process yields unbelievably clear feedback on customers' pain points and how you should map your product roadmap with their preferred channel of distribution.  The best teams listen and pivot if need be.

Corporate Strategy

We use a lightweight quick methodology developed by A.G Lafley, former CEO of Procter & Gamble (P&G) and Roger Martin from the Harvard Business School (HBS).  We focus on answering questions such as "Where are We Going To Play?", "How are We Going To Win?, "What are our Capabilities?" and "How do we Measure our Progress toward our Aspirations?

We recently did some Corporate Strategy work for the CEO and Board of Directors of ABBYY, a 25-year old company who never had a formal corporate strategy.  The process resulted in shuttling some black hole R&D projects, spinning out a company called FINDO which did not quite fit the enterprise portfolio and focusing on core products which resulted in a radical change of trajectory from their previous flattening revenue growth.

Business Development

We have very senior business development experience in both consumer and enterprise categories.  Securing a key light house deal or partner can have significant impact on revenue, market leadership perception and valuation for funding, acquisition or IPO.

Eco-system Partnerships

Whether you are developing an app store, promoting your APIs or want third-parties to integrate into your platform it is critical to have an eco-system strategy.  We help incubate, develop and execute eco-system strategies and programs all the way through to signing key deals with anchor tenants.

Corporate Development, Fund Raising and M&A Due Diligence

Whether it was raising Evernote's Series A in 35 days, selecting the investment banker for Soundpipe during their acquisition, helping Snaptell field acquisition offers from Amazon and others, working with Juniper Networks' Corporate Development team and their investment bankers anonymously evaluating specific acquisition candidates or helping private equity firm Gryphon Investors look at sector candidates, we have a lot of transaction experience.

IP Strategy

Having a viable IP strategy is critical to creating long term value.  We help companies prosecute their ideas into applications, monetize their IP through licensing or divestiture and defend their IP through litigation if required.  We helped Intellectual Ventures launch over 30 licensing programs from mobile handsets, telecom to enterprise software generating over $3B in revenue from minimal if any revenue.